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tv   Huckabee  FOX News  March 13, 2011 8:00pm-9:00pm EDT

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with the velocity of a 1-ghz dual core processor, 3-d graphics engine, gyroscope, and a widescreen hd display. grab it and it grabs you. only at verizon. >> an all outeffort to avoid a nuclear disaster in japan. i'm harris falkner, we're live as fox reports with a special edition tonight. a new threat of multiple reactor meltdown and power plant operators using sea water to cool down the reactors. trouble in at least two power plants, the fukushima plant rocked by at least one explosion and the facility where radiations levels were up, but now told they've returned back to normal
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levels. japan's prime minister talking about the disaster the tsunami disaster and his words through a translator. >> in the 65 years since theened of world war ii, this is the toughest, the most difficult for japan in the period. >> harris: want to put up on the screen the newly released satellite images. and this is sendai, the epicenter of the quake. before and after. before on the left side, after on the right. that is before the tsunami driven mud and ripping out so much of the coastline on the right-hand side and the government confirming more than 2500 buildings in that coastal city destroyed. the earthquake's magnitude now elevated, scientists estimating a bigger magnitude, stronger, 9.0 is what actually hit that area and the death toll climbing is in the thousands.
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rescue teams searching hundreds of miles of coatlines for survivors and so many people tonight waiting for help and of course, it's the new day there. it's monday, there are now millions without electricity or drinking water and our adam housley is streaming live, about 80 miles from the pictures that we distributed, the epicenter and what's the late he is on the nuclear situation there? >> reporter: well, harris, for our viewers at home, there are two names to know. fukushima is the first area of reactors where the first-- two reactors and the first nuclear issue became a problem and whether we're told 200 people that received some sort of nuclear contamination and the other city is a hundred kilometers to the north and we're seeing rescue helicopters flying over and can't get them with the camera
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location and we're starting to see aerial support the first time since the earthquake and as you hear the helicopter fly over, the second location, near sendai, i should say, and that's more to the east of the city. so, your he' talking about two locations, three different reactors, and 120 kilometers apart and talking a very significant area that's already been destroyed by the earthquake and tsunami that's now dealing with the nuclear issues. >> harris: well, and what you've told us last hour and really is still ringing in my ears, 85% chance you could feel after shocks as strong as 7.0 which indeed could do more damage. what are some of the biggest concerns for people who survived the first round of disasters? >> yeah, that 85% number came from a u.s. seismologist and you heard that same number from australian sieismologists as well who believe that something in the 7's will come our way and historically what
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happens in this region after the first massive quake. will it happen? that remains to be seen of course. and people don't have a lot of supplies. we are where we're located on the edge of the structures, along the waterfront and remind people what we saw in southeast asia, in 2004-2005, they had the tsunami warning system here in place and the people, the market pass packed at the time and 15 minutes to get away and a seven or eight foot wall of water. and i've been told by a couple of people in the region, if another tsunami were to come, they're working officially and the warning systems are either out and they were destroyed when the water came through or there's no electricity to run them. other parts of the country are having blackouts to help the people who don't have electricity maybe funnel some of that power to the north. and very cold here at night and several million people without electricity and without gas and at night it
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makes it difficult. as you go to stores here if they're open the shelves are pretty empty and gas last long lines and told by locals if the gas station runs ott of gas, a lot have, don't expect that to be refilled the next couple of days. >> all right. adam housley, as a new day dawns, the pictures continue to be riveting, we appreciate your morning. it's monday just after 9 a.m. hour and now japan's stock market open for trading and investors watching closely, with serious concerns about the impact worldwide, the nikkei average fell nearly 2% and more losses expected for monday and if the disaster potentially costing billions of dollars in insurance losses, could that affect our insurance premiums at home. the fox business network's robert gray watching the markets. >> they're watching where they left off and keep in mind the quake hitting before the close of trading on friday and didn't have a full day to
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basically factor this into the shares and the nuclear opening just minutes ago at the top of the hour there. it's down 2.1% now, as more of the shares are traded. there was a flood of sell orders and big names talking sony, talking about nissan, honda, toyota that it was not fully impacted and now seeing the nikkei down about 4% and losses in new zealand and australia the first two markets to open on monday. they were down, but now the nikkei down 4% here and we're also seeing the dollar taking a hit. a lot of the japanese companies and export focused economy and many are based here and going to be looking to sell their dollars and buy back yen to help out with the repair and work in an effort back at home and dot is under pressure here and we're seeing gold moving higher cheaper for industrial and crude dropping. could be potentially one benefit for consumers back here in the u.s. and that's because they're thinking that demand may be dropping after all, we're talking about the world's third large s economy and obviously, there's going to be a bit of a slowdown
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they're experiencing right now and harris, as far as the insurance premiums go you may see those actually going up a little bit and we'll talk a little more about that at the b bottom of the hour. >> harris: and the stock trading just getting underway now and six minutes into new trading day and 4% off. i read some reports they might be in a freefall losing 10,000 points. do they have anything set in place like we do in the united states to stop a freefall should that start to happen. >> they have things in place and not exactly the same as our circuit breakers, if you will, but it could potentially come into play here again and looks like they're being cautious at the opening and we've seen it happening in the states and particularly in the fall of '08 if you think back where they take deliberate with the opening of some of these larger stocks here, and sort of stems the tide a little bit and gives them a little bit to get their wits about and bearings and perhaps
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bargain price here, but we'll have to watch and see. right now looks like it's still off, down about 4%. >> harris: reacting to a twin disaster on friday, the markets now open for stock trading in japan. and robert gray watching it for us on the fox business network, we'll see you coming up a little later. turning now to the weather in japan which is fast becoming a matter of wife or death. new concerns about winds with the dangerous nuclear fallout warning some in france to leave some devastated areas and temperatures dropping toward freezing and compounding the misery for survivors who have no heat and shelter in some cases. maria molina live in the fox weather center with more. >> that's right, we have very cool temperatures right now and they're just waking up. it's monday morning and temperatures in the upper 30's and so that's very cold air and we will be warming up a bit as we head into monday afternoon. temperatures will rise into the 60's and this will be a dry day in the forecast and that will be favorable for
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cleanup efforts. as we head into the nighttime hours, temperatures will drop into the 30's which is dangerous for any residents that do not have the correct supplies. then to make matters worse, as early as late monday night, we have the storm system that's approaching and we could start to see some showers and steadier rain into tuesday and cold air and gusty winds here and we're talking about potentially, life dangerous-- life threatening conditions here in the region and temperatures will only reach the mid 40's and dropping to the below freezing during the nighttime hour and tuesday and wednesday and by wednesday we can have the snow showers starting in there and those gusty winds will also make temperatures feel a lot colder and be bringing in he potentially dangerous conditions. you're talking about hypothermia now if you go long periods of time with very cold wind chills. the other thing we're talking about the radioactive vapors out of the fukushima power plant and rights now winds blowing out of the south-southwest and they will be shifting ahead of that storm system, harris.
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by tuesday, i think we are going to start to see the wind actually out of the northeast and reverse direction, blowing those radioactive vapors on shore. >> harris: wow, so much to watch. maria molina with that part of our coverage. thank you very much. a warning today for the u.s. state department telling americans not to travel to japan right now. this amid concerns japan could experience strong aftershocks for weeks to come and japan of course a close american ally and the u.s. has begun sending supplies as well as crude to help with search and rescue and thousands of people still missing in all the wreckage. >> my daughter was washed away. i don't know what to say. i hope my daughter is still alive somewhere. >> harris: oh, heart breaking similar stories to that out of is japan right now after the devastating double punch that shook that region and flooding with the massive tsunami.
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our doug mcelway with the latest. >> we're hearing all u.s. helicopter is coordinated through u.s.a. id. and reads in part our thoughts and our prayers remain with the people of japan. the president has been kept fully briefed on the developments and we have offered our japanese friends whatever assistance is needed as america will stand by with japan and they recover and rebuild. the u.s. military engaged, the aircraft carrier reagan and battle group conducting more than 20 missions on sunday and there are many military assets in the region, within the naval base, and u.s. bases on okinawa, all contributing, harris. >> harris: doug, what about the civilian efforts with what's going on there? >> civil search and rescue teams represented by fairfax virginia and los angeles county search and rescue teams. we've just learned that they have now left their staging
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areas and have been deployed by helicopter to the quake shown, but await much of their equipment which has to be brought in by truck over damaged roads and the american red cross helping out and taking their cue from the japanese red cross. >> all right. doug mcelway reporting tonight. thank you very much and starting tomorrow, fox report with shepard smith is live from japan. shep will be on the ground to bring us firsthand accounts of the devastation, watch for that 7 p.m. eastern and 4 p.m. on the west coast. new reports of relentless air strikes hammering rebels in libya. the latest developments from the battlefield and now those pro gadhafi forces could be threatening the opposition strong hold. is this a turning point in the fight for the future of that country? and the scene of a fiery helicopter crash, how witnesses say the pilot was saved just before that chopper burst into flames. to keep in balance after 50, i switched to a complete multivitamin with more.
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>> breaking news on the situation we're watching out of virginia. the buchanan county sheriff's office saying in the town of grundy, 180 miles west of roanoke, confirming a suspected shooter has been killed. earlier police reported a man opened fire with a rifle on sheriff's deputies hitting all four of them. a local fox affiliate reported one deputy was rushed to a regional hospital. his condition now, and the status of the three others unknown at this time. virginia state police taking a lead on this investigation and we expect to hear statements from them coming up shortly as it comes in. of course, we'll bring it to you. the latest now on a helicopter that slammed into a building earlier in southern california. eyewitnesses say the severely injured pilot was pulled to safety moments before the chopper blew up. investigators say the helicopter plunged in the
8:17 pm
building's patio area. it took crews 30 minutes to put the flames out and thankfully nobody on the ground was hurt. the cause for the crash is under investigation. the latest on the middle east and libya. rebel forces said to be losing ground against el gadhafi's military, hitting the major ail port of brega for several hours and gadhafi's loyalists claim they've taken control of the city and are within 150 miles of the rebel strong hold, benghazi. our steve harrigan live from the capital city, tripoli. what's behind the government's success on the battlefield this morning? >> reporter: harris, basically it's been overwhelming force on behalf of the government. they've had hitting for several days. one week ago it looked like the rebels were prepared to march on tripoli and that's changed in recent days and the government launching a bigger and counterattack and using jets as well as helicopters, now, even firing from the sea as well and their navy getting
8:18 pm
involved and they've take the sea of brega as well and overall a pattern where there's assault from the air and the ground, with tanks, rockets, and then ground forces move in. so far, the rebels do not have an answer and especially no answer to that government's air power, harris. >> harris: all right. that's their battle there. what about the diplomate the particular battle? >> reporter: things keep getting worse for the gadhafi department of the in tripoli on the government front even though they're winning on the battlefield. secretary of state hillary clinton is expect today meet with representatives of the rebels in paris and arab league, 22 nation league just condemned gadhafi's government as illegitimate and called for a no-fly zone, something the rebels have been asking for and western powers hesitant to give, many questioning how effective it would be and concerns about being drawn into a civil war in another muslim nation. harris. >> harris: all right. of course, you're in the city of tripoli where we saw it to
8:19 pm
begin with, the protests before it slipped into the battle it's become. steve, thank you very much. the situation throughout the middle east still very fragile at this hour with protests in several major cities today. in bahrain police shooting at protesters as they blocked access to a main harbor and fired tear gas and separate demonstrators outside of bahrain university and showing police clark this activists inside yemen's capital. and at least one died in those pro he tests with many rushed to local hospitals. in saudi arabia, dozens of people demonstrating outside the nation's interior ministry today demanding the release of jailed activists and the government itself denied the protest ever happened. going now to the part of the united states where the disaster in japan is hitting close to home.
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our casey stegall in the tokoyo section of los angeles. >> reporter: yeah, harris, this neighborhood pulling together to raise much needed money for quake victims. reaction from this community as the fox report continues next. there are other companies that have minivans with similar safety features as the chrysler town & country. the difference between theirs and ours is that all our safety-tech features come standard and most of theirs are optional. we don't think saty or technology should be optional. ♪ now well-qualified lessees can lease the 2011 town & country touring for just $319 a month. ♪ we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you. with you when you're ready for the next move. [ male announcer ] now that wells fargo and wachovia have come together, what's in it for you?
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>> one american neighborhood feeling an extremely personal connection to the victims of the disaster in japan. a bustling community in downtown los angeles known as little tokoyo. people there springing into action and doing whatever they can for survivors an ocean away. our casey stegall is live in little tokoyo, casey. >> harris, they are taking to the streets with their cash jars, they have organized benefit concerts, doing whatever they can to raise
8:24 pm
much needed cash, to send back home to japan and goes without saying, but it has been one emotional few days here. people are nervous and scared and waiting for news to come here from anything about their family members, their friends back in japan because would you know that california actually has the largest population of japanese-americans anywhere else-- than anywhere else in america, i should say. many here in little tokoyo say that they are having a tough time coming to grips with what has happened for both those who grew up in japan and those who has ancesteral ties and difficult to see the place they call the motherland face such devastation. >> first thought in my head was how is my family. my entire dad's side, including my dad live in japan and so far we haven't been able to get in contact with anyone. >> reporter: we've heard that same story playing out time and time again as
8:25 pm
communications we know are crippled in japan so the waiting game continues. a lot of sadness, a lot of anxiousness and a lot of tears. harris. >> harris: yeah, anxiousness and intense worry. casele stegall. thank you very much. new developments now in the investigation of a deadly bus accidents on a major interstate. the crash just north of manhattan killed 14 passengers yesterday and tonight, six others remain in critical condition. according to police, passengers of contradicting the driver's story of what happened. reportedly the driver claims a tractor-trailer clipped the bus, but police say witnesses say the driver swerved for no apparent reason, flipping the bus and slamming into a pole that sliced through it like a knife from front to back. survivors say the devastation inside the bus is nothing short of horrific. >> you see people whose bodies were actually-- >> yes, yes, about 15, 20
8:26 pm
people. >> some of them were very critical, skull fractures, rib fractures, internal bleeding. >> harris: the bus was returning to new york city from a trip to the mohegan sun casino in connecticut. tokoyo's nikkei index is down. we brought you the news of markets opening for the first time since the disaster and quake and tsunami friday in japan and how will the tragedy affect japan's economy now that they're trading again. could we feel it again as well. context and perspective from the fox business network next. homeowners -- rates have been going up, but you can still refinance to a fixed rate as low as 4.75% at, where customers save an average of $293 a month. callending tree at... today.
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8:30 pm
plant operators using sea water, sea water, rather, pumping it into several reactors to keep them cool. the rising temperatures threatening to cause a radioactive leak or a complete meltdown. areas surrounding the plants affected now evacuated because of fears of radiation leak. all of them happening the earthquake and tsunami that no one, obviously, can control. the best they could do was to be prepared. james is a security and defense analyst and senior fellow with the heritage foundation. good to see you. >> good to be with you. >> harris: first of all, how prepared was japan? >> well, honestly, japan is about one of the best in the world in terms of domestic preparedness. they get earthquakes all the time. tsunamis all the time. they've got lots of nuclear reactors, so, nobody is in a better position to handle this than the japanese. >> harris: so what went wrong. >> nothing really went wrong. this is an unprecedented event. this is 8.9 on the richter scale, this is an unbelievable
8:31 pm
level earthquake that you hardly ever see. this would be like saying, you know, brazil got hit with an asteroid, what went wrong. this is one of the extreme acts of nature. >> harris: i notice that they get 30% of power from the nuclear plants. they've got these plants all over the country. how does it impact them in terms of moving people. they moved 200,000 people out of one area and nuclear plants all around. and is 12 miles enough and are they potentially dealing with more? >> well for the factories -- i'm sorry for the facilities that we know of, this is appropriate. i mean, this is essentially the same plan that here in the united states what you would do and the notion is to get people away so there's not a risk of serious contamination, so, i think what they're doing is sensible and reasonable and it's appropriate precaution at this point. >> harris: you know, in the united states we have at nuclear regulatory commission that monitors all sorts of
8:32 pm
things where nuclear science is concerned and where we get our information and japan has something similar, but the reports seem to be conflicting. how can we trust what we're hearing coming out of that country? is it really okay and then moments later it's not? >> well, i think this is one of these things where, you know, we're not really going to know everything we need to know until, you know, long after this passed. when you think back when we had the three mile incident or chernobyl. sometimes it's not the official's fault. it's a crisis situation and things are happening, happening very, very quickly and other unanticipated things happening and sometimes the information flow from the government doesn't keep up and people are, you know, really struggling to get the situation awareness so they make sure they're doing exactly the right thing and actually from a global perspective. it's been pretty impressive. i mean, not only do you have the japanese people dealing with that, but you have nuclear experts around the world jumping on to help out and you can understand that. it's a global nuclear power industry, nobody wants to see
8:33 pm
a, a large scale disaster. everybody in the world, everybody that owns a nuclear power plant is, you know, wants to do whatever they can to get the situation under control. >> harris: and i asked that, james, because you know, what we're hearing now is that one of the-- the plant experiencing trouble, the second plant there that we know of, no explosions there, but some sort of trouble, emergency, is saying that the radiation levels that were leaking have gone down. what does that tell you? >> well, that, you know, is certainly good news, but, you know, the key thing here is you have a nuclear core and it has fuel rods in it and those fuel rods put off intense amount of heat and the key thing, they have be to be constantly cooled and that's the whole thing that could breach ut containment facility. so, you have to be -- that's good news, but the key question is, you know, can he they control and contain the fuel rods and the reactor. until they can give you a positive statement that, yes, we can do that, then i think
8:34 pm
you've got to be concerned. >> harris: yeah, and this is just crossing reuter's wires, the problem and japanese earthquake damaged nuclear reactors do not appear to pose a problem to the canadian coast. everybody is watching and anybody could potentially hit anybody. it will reach the united states, but won't be that serious, what does that mean? >> this is kind of difficult to explain. some radiation may get out and it may get in trade wind or may get in water or may wind up somewhere and someone may get low dose radiation exposure and quite honestly the science of low dose radiation exposure is not confirmed and a lot of debate. as you might imagine we don't do tests on human beings and there are a lot of variables, genetics, age, health conditions. and it's difficult to
8:35 pm
postulate what type of health risk and low dose exposure may have generated for this and quite honestly, it's not going to threaten the population as a whole. you know, but you know, we'll have to wait and see, but i doubt if we're going to see a significant risk of global contamination from this instance. >> harris: not the sort of situation that you described in japan, a very, very tender thing to watch there, with the nuclear meltdown looming, that's what the scientists keep telling us. james, security and defense analyst, thank you for joining us tonight. >> thanks for having me. >> harris: in japan, the nikkei, their index, market falling sharply and we're watching to see how trading is affect there had and the effect on the viewers at home. robert gray from the fox business network coming back now. the market, the nikkei index continues to bleed some ground. >> down 4%, hit 5% and again, now, took a very deliberate in opening some of the stocks,
8:36 pm
household names. panasonic and honda and orders, and took a long time to open them and opening now and trading, it's lower and seeing u.s. futures affected by this, and the stocks down about 1% looking for the dow to open down 75 to 100 points at this juncture. likely trading usually on a sunday night, but we're seeing crude below $100 a barrel and down again, after all, the third largest economy in the world and third largest user of crude and the day of rage did not materialize in said raub and the demand question in japan. so that may be a silver lining for americans at the gas pump here. >> harris: what are the early projections toward the economic effect on japan at this point? >> it could be a lot. you're talking about a nation that has the most debt of gdp and may have to take out more debt and there's concern that the yen could get stronger and they're export driven and the
8:37 pm
companies selling sony, panasonic and the like and have to send money back and led to their bottom line. >> harris: and slow you down a second the yen is stronger and kind of said that the u.s. dollar gets weaker. >> yeah, against the yen. so if the companies are selling their dollars, then they're repatriating the yin, and back home the dollar will continue to get weaker and one of of the reasons that you predict some concern here with the dollar already near historic lows and we are he' also looking at rolling blackouts, something that you know, that tokoyo electric hasn't had. a lot of uncertainty and could affect u.s. jobs and people, the automakers here can't get the parts from there that they then have to lay people off for a short-term, who knows, a worst case scenario, and where it's entwined. >> coming in and out of your economic crisis the words ring true when you say things like jobs in jeopardy and really frightening stuff.
8:38 pm
all right, let's move on, i'm reading something now about the cost of all of it. 14 to potentially 35 billion dollars. >> yeah. >> harris: insurance companies like aflac, others that insure there. how does that impact the rest of us. >> reinsurance companies. think about it. sort of we've had a few disasters, nothing on that kind of a scale. and we've had the past couple years fewer hurricanes as far as total damage goes and we've seen things coming down a little bit. will that trend likely to reverse, and 35 billion dollars, the most expensive in the past four decades and close would be actually hurricane katrina, and this would be number two behind that even adjusted for inflation and talking eye popping numbers for the insurance industry and could come back to haunt us. >> harris: all right, looking at it in red now. tokoyo shares falling 5.2% after opening and they've been opened for 38 minutes and 28 seconds and robert gray fox business network, thank you for being here.
8:39 pm
>> thank you. >> harris: join the fox business network beginning at 5 a.m. eastern tomorrow. and fbn will have the latest on the markets and crisis in japan and watch it tonight and also tomorrow. it's the debut of lou dobbs tonight. lou will be taking a close look at u.s. nuclear energy policies and he'll be talking with indiana kongman mike pence about a potential government shutdown. remember, that deadline is looming again after they passed that stop gap measure. that's lou dobbs tonight, 7 p.m. eastern on the fox business network, don't miss it it starts tomorrow. one of the world's most active volcanos has been putting on quite a show in hawaii. now, experts say there is he' been a change and the sleeping giant next. plus, flooding has hit the northeast hard. what's ahead for the rain-soaked region? stay put. she felt lost... until the combination of three good probiotics in phillips' colon health
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>> it's the volcano in hawaii. finally taking a breather, we're told. one of the world's most active volcanos and experts say the latest eruption has decreased in activity. it erupted shooting 100 feet in the air and scientists think it's paused not stop and say it could start up in a few hours or days and who knows.
8:44 pm
the volcano has been since 1983. wow. still working to control a string of dangerous wildfires through colorado and southwest. and more than 150 firefighters containing a giant fire in the hills west of boulder, colorado and we're told 60% has now been surrounded. nearly 200 homes evacuated since the fire began. fire officials confirming some people are responsible for causing the fire, but did not say who did it or how. and people in oklahoma getting back into their homes after the massive fires here oklahoma city and destroyed 50 houses including 30 in the city. and flooding taking its toll now the waterlogged state of new jersey is still pounded tonight. authorities say conditions are starting to improve in some areas as water recede much by inch, but very slow. i live in jersey. in other areas, waters continue to rise and the state of emergency remains in effect
8:45 pm
for much of northern jersey and officials say hundreds of people there remain out of their homes and we're told some may wait until wednesday to go back into them. one official calling it the worst flooding there. what is next in the forecast? across the nation as well, maria molina has details of what we should be bracing for in some cases from the fox weather system. >> that's right, harris, officials are telling they may be able to return to their home wednesday of this week, but we have another storm back on wednesday and will be bringing some rain to the northeast and we'll keep you posted. currently that storm is it across the center of the country and producing snow across nebraska and another system across the pacific northwest, currently starting to produce some rainfall across parts of northern california and see the one band of rain through san francisco and we also have reports of thunderstorms across parts of the coast of oregon, with reports near
8:46 pm
golfball sized hail in oregon. that's significant weather out there. otherwise we are going to start to see colder air moflg on shore and some no dropping across the cascades, affecting travel across the passes anywhere between five to 12 inches of snow tonight and more snow tomorrow, about another three to eight inches then. here is the system across the plains and you can see some of the rain starting to switch over to snow across parts of kansas and that snow is headed into kansas city tonight and where we can see five inches of snow and that will be a travel nightmare and pockets of rain and thunderstorms and the storm system on the move. bringing in quite a bit of rain across the areas that do not need to see the rain and we have reports of flooding across northern parts of mississippi and also, alabama and that's where the storm is headed and then it's going to continue to track into the northeast by wednesday and we're looking at not that much rain, harris, but still a half inch of rain on top of areas that the ground is already
8:47 pm
saturated and it's not what we want to hear. >> yeah, we've had so much snow melt on the east coast and a little more rain in trouble out here. maria, thank you so much. incredible stories of tragedy and some survival stories coming out of japan. this man spent days adript after the tsunami swept him out to sea. somehow, he managed to hang on. plus, we'll talk to somebody who experienced the quake firsthand before the tsunami, there was the quake. now, an estimated 9.0. he lived through it, ahead on this special edition of fox report. a beautiful steering wheel is great. but only if the dash it's attached to is equally beautiful. so we made sure it was. but what's the point of a beautiful dash if the seats aren't beautiful, too? so we made sure they were. but we couldn't stop there, so weept going and going.
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>> in the midst of tragedy in
8:51 pm
japan an incredible story of survival. take the one about a 60-year-old man on the rooftop of his home nearly two days after the earthquake. he's ten miles off shore. the japanese military reported the rescue after they spotted him waving a red cloth and the man said he and his wife returned home to gather belonging just after the earthquake hit, but that's when the tsunami struck. they got caught. he told rescuers his wife got swept out to sea. well, images like the ones you've just seen showing just how much help japan still needs, but in addition to the united states, several other countries pledging aid and assistance as japan starts to rebuild. great britain sending search and rescue teams of more than 60 people and be in japan monday morning and france providing nearly 100 people, including medical team and security. and germany's state agency with teams with dogs. and italy says it will send
8:52 pm
teams as well once they hear from japanese officials whatsy stance is still needed. some americans who witnessed and experienced japan's devastation are headed back home. one weary group of travelers arrived at chicago 0 hair's airport today and one of the first to fly out. >> kind of an overwhelming experience. just seeing everything that went on. >> and a couple of comments before it landed and thinking about the people that are still back there. so, we're glad to be here. >> harris: americans are being advised not to travel to japan except for humanitarian regions and we told you earlier from the state department and a warning the country could feel severe aftershocks for weeks or months and they want to avoid the situation for accounting to more people travelling to the country as you might imagine. to help us get a better sense what's happening on the ground, let's go to tokoyo radio host, who was in tokoyo
8:53 pm
when the quake hit and skyping from us from osaka, northwest of where the epicenter was. thanks for being with us. it's a very clear shot. tell me what did you feel when all of this happened? >> oh, i can tell you. it started off a little bit of a shake and i was just getting ready to take a shower and i had water running and just about ready to step in and it started shaking more and more and until it became violent and i realized, time now to put on my pants and get out the door, because it was scary. actually, it was more than scary. it was completely terrifying. >> harris: did you know the big one had hit? >> i knew something had hit. i knew i had never felt like that before. i was here in osaka when the kobe earthquake happened in 1995. i experienced that and knew what the shaking was all about, but never experienced anything like the shaking that
8:54 pm
happened during this earthquake just the other day. >> harris: so you were in tokoyo and i want to stel for people you felt all that and there was damage and people who are without electricity tonight. but that's quite a ways away from the epicenter. have you had any contact with people closer to where the most devastation is? >> yeah, i talked with a gentleman by the name of santo, a singer in a group called sing like talking. he was there. he experienced it and he he said that it was absolutely, well, forgive not a pun, but said it was earth shattering. >> harris: and we keep hearing about people without food, without drinking water and what is life like in sendai, the epicenter? >> i don't know anything more about sendai than what i'm seeing on your tv reports, but i can tell you that in tokyo, there is a panic happening in the supermarkets right now. everybody is scrambling to try to get food and of course you've been seeing pictures of
8:55 pm
the empty shelves and receiving reports from friends in tokoyo who sent sms messages and contact me on facebook and keep saying that, you know, it's kind of a panic. it is a panic situation here. >> harris: tell me this, there's so much more infrastructure and support in a city like tokoyo than the outlying areas. what are you guys hearing about the nuclear threat that's going on? >> well, as a matter of fact, i've been talking to my colleagues here on the radio station, fmcocolo. and here in osaka nobody is really concerned about that. everybody has strong feelings of sympathy for the people enduring what's happening there in sendai, but for the most part feelings here in osaka in the region which is south-southwest of tokoyo, it's pretty much calm. everybody is pretty much calm. >> harris: all right. well, wii hope that they can stay of safe and as well as you in osaka and where you
8:56 pm
started in tokoyo i don't know across the country. thank you. >> i should mention one more thing. >> harris: unfortunately we are going to lose you off skype and don't want that to happen in the middle. thank you. >> all right. >> harris: an update now on the the breaking news of four police officers shot in virginia. the latest on japan's nuclear worries as well fighting to prevent a meltdown and not one, but two nuclear power plants. and how you can help the victims of this horrible victims of this horrible tragedy. captioned by closed captioning services, inc. constated? phillips' caplet use gnesium, an ingredient that works more naturally wityour colon than stimulant xatives, for fective reli of constipation without cramps. thanks. [ professor ] good morning students. today, we're gonna... we're with you when you're saving for your dreams. [ woman ] when you want a bank that travels with you.
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>> two deputies are dead two others injured and a suspected shooter killed. the two wounded officers air lifted to a hospital. no word yet on their condition. a recap of the top stories japan fighting off a nuclear crisis. a race against time as nuclear power plant officers work to keep temperatures low as reactors dumping sea water to cool them down. thousands of people who live there are


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